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About Us

Built in the 1980’s, Applegarth is a non-profit housing co-operative. Located in a mature neighbourhood on the West Hamilton Mountain. Our complex consists of 78 townhouses ranging from 2-4 Bedrooms. We also have 4 modified accessible units. Surrounded by schools & parks in a beautiful mature neighbourhood. Walking distance to Grocery stores & other amenities.

Steps to major Bus routes & Minutes from Ancaster Meadowlands, Lincoln Alexander Parkway & Hwy 403.

What is Co-Operative Housing?

Co-ops are member-controlled organizations, and the people who occupy the housing owned by the co-op association are its members.

Co-operative living involves group decision making, community events, and a philosophy of shared responsibility. Democratic management is the lifeblood of a healthy co-op.

All members in a cooperative share in the advantages and responsibilities of co-op life, which makes it more than just a place to live.

How does a Co-op Work?

Since Co-ops are democratically run, every year the members elect, from among themselves, a Board of Directors to manage the business affairs of the co-op. 

Instead of rent, members pay a monthly housing charge to cover the cost of the mortgage, taxes and all operating expenses. There is no landlord, and housing charges rise only as costs increase.

Members do not individually own the units they occupy, but enter into a Shareholder’s Agreement with the cooperative, which provides security of tenure as long as the obligations of the membership are fulfilled. Membership means joint ownership and control of one’s housing. 

From the co-op’s inception, the members decide on design, development and policy. Later, they serve on committees responsible for activities including such things as Member Selection, Buildings, Grounds, Finance and Newsletter. All are asked to attend members’ meetings where they participate in major decisions. 

Co-operative living involves group decision making, community events, and a philosophy of shared responsibility. 


Co-op vs Rental

People who live in a co-op are members of the co-op, not tenants.

Together, they are responsible for the co-op. Each member has one vote and every year a Board of Directors is elected from the membership.

There is no landlord.

Members make the big decisions about how the buildings will be maintained and how the business of the co-op will be managed.

Members run the co-op.

Members elect a board of directors to manage the business of the co-op. Most co-ops hire staff to do the day-to-day work. Members work together to keep their housing well-managed and affordable.



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